The world needs more sustainable business ideas

Real change is rarely achieved single-handedly. Making a difference requires that we reach out and join forces. The result depends on how well our JOINED FORCES work together. This is from where FÖRENAD KRAFT takes its name.

The new circular economy drives innovation and entrepreneurship. This gives us unparalleled opportunities to work together to realize the sustainable business ideas that the world needs.

With climate-smart solutions, Förenad Kraft wants to inject new energy into companies’ sustainability work to reduce CO2 emissions and slow down climate change.

Do you have a sustainable business concept?

Sustainable companies are more profitable

Förenad Kraft is a long-term investment firm that builds new businesses and acquires and further develops companies with good growth and profitability potential. Primarily, we focus on the energy industry.

Our main goal is the ongoing global transformation of energy systems and the growing need for electrification. The aim is to act as a driving force in the sustainability work of the business sector. It promotes the companies we invest in and the future of the entire planet.

Together with our companies, we work in a spirit of entrepreneurship and faith in the future. Our view of business sustainability applies to all the business decisions and business advice that is part of our operations. This increases the companies’ competitiveness and profitability.

Joined forces for a circular economy

The circular economy itself is the prerequisite for a sustainable future. Here, the business sector plays a central role in contributing to a more circular society and a better everyday life for the many people.

Förenad Kraft’s vision is to be a sought-after owner that continuously creates high growth value in our companies. Through 2X3Y, the value of invested capital is doubled every three years.

Our business concept is based on the conviction that full power is achieved only when there is a common goal to strive for. It is when we share the same idea and vision of the future that collaboration works best.

Since our inception in 2009, we have been guided by a clear value foundation based on people’s equal value and the desire to work together with others for sustainable development. These values are the building blocks of the business that connects different business sectors and permeates the common business culture of our companies.

“I want to make things happen based on market needs and demand in the energy sector. With a strong customer focus from the start and long-term investments, increased profitability and competitiveness become a natural future for the companies we work with.”

Otto Werneskog

CEO, Förenad Kraft

New energy for sustainability work

As a long-term owner, Förenad Kraft contributes to a sustainable world by investing in carefully selected companies that have integrated sustainability into their business model. We work closely with company management and help to create a successful corporate culture that will attract the best workforce, win the customers of the future and strengthen their position in the market.

Greenhouse gas emissions are largely caused by how we extract, convert and use fossil energy. At the same time as the transition to more sustainable energy systems needs to be accelerated, global demand for energy is increasing.

We are working to find more energy-smart solutions

With Agenda 2030, the UN member states have formulated 17 global goals that must be achieved by 2030. Through our company holdings in various industries, Förenad Kraft actively contributes to the realization of several of the global goals in both economic, ecological as well as social sustainability.

For our own operations, we have chosen Goal 7, which focuses on sustainable energy for everyone. Access to renewable energy and clean fuels, as well as innovative energy solutions, is a prerequisite for us to be able to meet several of the difficult challenges the world faces today.


Goal 7 - Affordable and clean energy

With broad expertise, international contacts and focused investments in the energy sector, Förenad Kraft works to…

  • Increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.
  • Double the global rate of improvement for energy efficiency.
  • Facilitate access to clean energy and renewable energy technologies.
  • Strengthen collaboration in cleaner fossil fuel-based technology.
  • Promote investments in energy infrastructure and clean energy technology.
  • Upgrade technology for modern and sustainable energy services

Active ownership with commitment and creativity

Förenad Kraft offers active ownership in our companies with deep commitment, broad knowledge and an international network of contacts. Our key words for collaboration are quality and speed. We are creative and are looking for entrepreneurial companies that stand out with their business.

By ensuring a strong corporate management and establishing a competent board, we raise awareness of the sustainability work at all levels of the company. It gives the business a clear direction for the future that creates long-term added value and promotes sustainable development.

Investment criteria for sustainable and stable growth

The companies in the energy sector we choose to invest in hold a leading position in their market niche as well as the potential for a strong impact in the area of sustainability. The market for the company’s operations must show stable and good growth with the possibility for additional acquisitions.

In addition to our investment criteria for a sound business, we also look closely at a number of global mega trends and macro trends within sustainability in the energy sector. We are following developments closely.

Long-term collaboration with our companies

Our goal is to create added value and increased profitability for our companies through professional management and personal commitment. The cooperation between company management, employees and Förenad Kraft has a long-term perspective and leads to successful development.


Pumped Hydro Storage

With the introduction of renewable energy, the need for large-scale energy storage is increasing. Pumped Hydro Storage installs pump power plants in mines and other underground environments. Clean energy storage in water is an example of the kind of innovative and climate-smart energy solutions that help solve complex problems in the energy sector. The company is in a strong growth phase and an exchange listing is expected within a few years.

Smålands Miljöenergi

The company is active in wind power development in Scandinavia. A wind farm was sold to IKEA in 2018, which invests in renewable energy as part of the Group’s sustainability work. By purchasing wind turbines, IKEA wants to achieve its global goal of producing as much renewable energy as it consumes. In 2019, a wind power project was sold to OX2 that develops, builds and manages renewable power generation. The subsidiary, Österbotten’s Miljöenergi, has operated a number of wind power projects in Finland.

Gyllene Hem

Many properties hold hidden value, not least the roof has great potential. Gyllene Hem is a planner in roof construction using climate-smart lightweight materials. Wooden modules can be mounted quickly and at a low cost. The trend in today’s urban development is to build densely and with mixed functions in order to utilize the infrastructure more efficiently. Renovation and extension on roof tops creates a mix of workplaces and homes, which means a safer neighborhood around the clock. By 2019, 330 apartments have been built.

Skelderwikens Brygghus

Skelderwiken craft beer is brewed with locally produced malt, hops, yeast and water as well as the most important ingredient – passion. Craft beer is a distinctly fast-growing product on the global market. The brewery is located in Skåne, surrounded by an attractive landscape featuring sea, forest and land that attracts visitors. The company works actively to disseminate knowledge about the craft of brewing a premium quality beer without additives and with the highest quality raw materials.

“There is a growing interest in craft beer internationally. Sweden has a well-established tourist industry and will become Northern Europe’s food and beverage center, a culinary Mecca that offers attractive tourist destinations and experiences. As a natural part of this, Skelderwiken’s Brygghus will help realize this vision.”

Monika Christensson

Skelderwikens Brygghus


Sweden’s first independent nationwide chain of car washes for do-it-yourself washing is focused on customer experience and sustainability. Glimra’s key words are cheap, simple and environmentally friendly. Customers pay and start the car wash using an app on their mobile. All wastewater is collected and cleaned on site, so washing the car at Glimra is better for the environment than doing it at home. With around sixty stations around Sweden, the company today has 15 percent of the car wash market. The goal is to buy or build a total of 100 facilities in the near future.

Glimra is the name of the brilliant business idea to launch Sweden's first, largest and best nationwide chain of self-contained, self-service car washes. The wash facilities are easy to use, and harmful substances are automatically removed from wastewater and stored in separate tanks. Glimra can thus be summarized simply as: affordable, easy and environmentally friendly. Customers pay and start the car wash using an app on their smartphone – it’s the modern way to keep both the car and the environment clean.

Karl-Johan Wattsgård


Rope Access

The company undertakes qualified assignments in the wind power industry, industrial and bridge construction. It offers inspection, maintenance, repairs and training at high altitude, in confined spaces and other hard-to-reach places. Rope Access works primarily with industrial rope access, a climbing technique that has been further developed as a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to cranes and scaffolding. Founded in 1997, the company is a pioneer in the field and the first Swedish member of the global industry organization IRATA - Industrial Rope Access Trade Association – with the right to offer training in industrial rope access.


Propel Capital IV

Förenad Kraft is part of Propel Capital IV, a business angel company linked to Sting – Stockholm Innovation & Growth - Sweden’s leading business incubator. Sting offers financing and support in business development for startups. It allows us to become indirect owners of a large number of innovative companies with a focus on long-term financial, ethical, social and environmental sustainability. The vision is to build the global growth companies of the future by attracting the best innovators and entrepreneurs. Sting is owned by the Electrum Foundation - a collaboration between research, business and the City of Stockholm.


Ridely is an app for horse riders who want to develop their riding. By logging your riding sessions in Ridely you get statistics and follow up on your training. You also find inspiring riding exercises with well-known riders and trainers that help you become a better rider.


Kinexit has developed a golf specific online training program designed to give coaches an easy and low-cost way of providing personalized exercise programs for their golfers.


PushAppy helps companies increase motivation and awareness throughout the sales organization with real-time forecasts and detailed leaderboards. Through clear individual goals and coaching in real time, everyone in your company has 100 percent focus on their goals.


Learnster is the first end-to-end learning experience platform. A digital age and a new impatient generation demand modernized learning and development environments. We enable society's, companies and people adapt and succeed in the ever-changing competence and competitive landscape.


GoFrendly provides women with a smart, easy and safe mobile app where women of all ages and stages of life can find new friends. The fastest growing social platform for women in Sweden (and Oslo) with a retention rate that shows of great user engagement and a product that at an early stage already has met user needs.


Gigital creates the digital infrastructure for B2B artist booking online with no intermediaries, providing a quality-assured, broad base of artists, relevant booking information, secure payment with transparent pricing, and easier tools of administration.


Woshapp is the eco-friendly carwash that comes to you. Saving time and 99 of the water (around 200 liters per wash) needed when washing your car. Our certified car wash specialists bike to our customers and with our innovative nano formula and a special microfiber cloth they provide a completely scratch-free, high-quality wash. Just download the app and order a wash


By using Machine Learning and AI, Wopify connects the right people with the right career opportunity, fast. We understand that a company is only as good as the team that builds it, Wopify created a way for a community of job seekers and hiring managers to connect, fast.


Dockstr is the most technically advanced online marketplace for equipment and services within the marine and energy industries. Dockstr allows you to optimize your assets and business offering using a combination of digital intelligence and market understanding.


Cryptolens provides a SaaS that makes it trivial to commercialize and protect any kind of software, with unique AI analytics to optimize licensing revenue. Through word-of-mouth we have 40 paying customers in 19 countries and can boast an NPS of 88 / 100.


Bukvy creates smart bags and accessories for the urban people. All items combine multi-functionality with timeless design and are made in a sustainable way both regarding people and environment. Until today we have delivered over 600 bags worldwide.


Knowlocker is a knowledge management platform for organizations large and small, helping ensure that businesses, the teams within them and external groups, such as customers, have access to the right information at the right time to achieve their goals.


Foodla is a marketplace app/platform and an integrated tool for producers and distributors on the local food market, that connects supply and demand for locally produced food — making it easier for producers, easier for distributors, and ultimately easier for customers wanting to buy locally produced food.


Suavoo is a digital concierge that enhances the customer experience in hotels. Suavoo offers on demand services in beauty and environmentally friendly transportation.


Baetes develops the next-generation e-commerce platform for the fashion industry. Using the latest VR, AR and 3D scanning technologies, the company creates a brand-new digital shopping experience through virtual showrooms.


ContentStudio is an AI-based and data-driven social media marketing suite for businesses to grow their social media presence by helping them discover, compose and share engaging content in their industry. Users can keep an eye on trending content in their industry along with analytical stats presented in a meaningful way that help them make better decisions for their content marketing and social media marketing.


Defentry is a cybersecurity company that has developed a technology for identity safety and real-time threat intelligence. Our platform scans governmental, open-web, deep-web and dark-web sources to alert you if your personal information is changed or leaked. This will help you minimize the risk of potential ID thefts, frauds and corporate breaches.


Fairlo is a fintech start-up that launches a new era for small loans. With a system based on the latest technology, Fairlo offers people the opportunity to solve an unexpected expense with a small loan at equal terms. Whoever borrows from Fairlo owns the power and can at any time pay off the loan, change the amortization plan or change the due date, all in one click and free of charge.


Do you want your kids to be happy and be able to find their context? Friendtivity introduces a new concept and category on the activities' market by offering activities in small groups, at home, around a specific interest led by our employed and certified friendtivity leader. Friendtivity disrupts the activities market by making activities: accessible, flexible and affordable.


Signe is a crowdfunding platform for live events, focusing primarily on rural areas where the competition is low. On our platform, local organizers can create events and secure financing before the artist booking is confirmed.

Care to Translate

Care to Translate develops a medical interpretation tool for healthcare providers that reduces healthcare costs and increases effectivity while it at the same time strengthens patient safety and integrity. Our tool is available as an application for smart devices and can be used by all healthcare professionals in a broad range of healthcare situations.


Ugglo is a multi-lingual audio book service for kids. We combine the picture book with the audio book to create a truly fun and captivating reading experience. Thousands of kids in Sweden improve their reading and language skills with Ugglo every day.


Zenia provides high converting E-Commerce marketing traffic to webstores, helping sellers to market their products organically and through paid posts by sharing – promoting – converting


Cardia is a mobile application that offers a safer way to privately buy and sell used cars. All cars are tested at impartial car inspection stations to remove the risk of hidden errors. Through the application, users gain access to finance, warranty and insurance companies in the private market. For increased security, payment and change of ownership take place in the application.


Casablnca is a CRM System for companies working with Influencer Marketing in- house. It's a SAAS solution that collects, stores, evaluates and presents all data in one place. It helps teams taking data driven decisions based on customized KPIs. Casablnca streamlines the work process so companies have more time to focus on communication and growth


Creditive provides automated lending services to better serve SMEs. Creditive’s lending software pulls from real-time data points making the credit process more efficient, secure and fair. Powered by Big Data and AI-underwriting technology, Creditive’s core aim is to increase loan approvals, equipping SMEs with the working capital they need to grow.


Float is a simple, quick and intuitive digital platform where small to medium-sized companies (SMEs) can receive short-term loans (1-6 months), collateralized by the assets of the company. Float combines the power of algorithms and human intuition to bring Augmented Intelligence that will transform the borrower’s experience.

The Fit

The Fit develops mobile 3D body scanning technology providing users with digital Body-IDs that can be used to shop for the right size, order customized products or virtually try on clothes. By combining 3D scanning and artificial intelligence, The Fit change the online experience of the future. Helping companies reduce returns by enabling personalized recommendations for consumers.


Strivr is a user-friendly cloud solution designed to help organizations minimize time spent on keeping track of, following up and planning recurring tasks. The intuitive dashboard allows quick and easy setup while giving users access to audit trail functionality and powerful reporting otherwise only found in more complex systems.


Pliance helps companies automate their anti-money laundering processes through a powerful, flexible API that helps companies build customer screenings into their current tools and workflows.


Agilon develops a solution for companies to automatically visualize business processes, identify bottlenecks and deviations, and get quantified improvement suggestions. Customers complete process improvement initiatives up to ten times faster and stay on top of operations with continuous process monitoring, alerting them of any new problems. We call it Process Intelligence.


Ebbel is a service that makes finding the perfect credit card effortless. We do this by analyzing how our users spend their money. Our users save on average 2150 Swedish crowns per year through credit card benefits such as bonus points, cashback and insurances. We believe that everyone, regardless of their level of financial knowledge, deserves a great credit card.

It’s Re:Leased

It’s Re:Leased provides more value and variation to your wardrobe without exhausting neither your, nor the planets resources. By renting the parts of your wardrobe you’d otherwise only wear a few times, we increase the number of usages per garment and can challenge the mass production industry currently responsible for higher CO2 emissions than the airline industry.


Panprices enables cross-border eCommerce by eliminating the friction consumers face when shopping online from international retailers. By aggregating local price comparison sites and collecting additional data on retailers, Panprices empowers consumers to find offers on products they are looking to buy up to 50 percent cheaper than the cheapest price available in their country of residence.


Ridesum is a digital training arena and collaboration platform connecting horseback riders, trainers and experts. In the mobile app you can search for trainers and experts, book a training session or get feedback on a video, train live via video streaming and save feedback about your training. Riders progress faster, trainers scale their businesses and we save the environment by reducing travelling.

Vinter Capital

Vinter Capital is a Swedish index provider and data analysis firm. We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to transform our world. The application of this technology can result in a more decentralized and transparent economy with far- reaching positive effects such as financial inclusion for everyone. Our objective is to make the cryptocurrency market more mature. We do so by providing transparent and regulated indices used in financial products. Vinter Capital’s indices bridge the cryptocurrency community and the professional investment industry.


xNomad is the Nordics’ leading marketplace platform for short-term retail space. We make browsing and booking commercial pop-up space as easy as booking an Airbnb. We connect brands and entrepreneurs with their ideal retail space so that they can create a pop-up store experience and measure their success through our advanced data analytics.

Need Insights

Need Insights provides insights for real world environments such as retail, events, and city centers with its service Location analytics (like Google analytics but for the physical world).


Airmee provides a technological logistics platform to optimize logistics fleets in real- time to logistics providers, retailers and other businesses. Our platform enables more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable on-demand last-mile deliveries.


Valiant Game Studio is a team of veteran game developers based in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by Anna Jenelius and Laura Bularca, Valiant creates digital products designed around meaningful subjects that aims to debate and improve current social issues.


Skillbreak is a smart social learning platform making it easy to offer, find and booking unique local learning experiences. The idea is to make expert knowledge in arts, crafts and design available to the public.


CE-Check revolutionizes the CE marking industry by digitalizing the CE marking process. CE Check automates, streamlines and simplifies this complex area, where all work today is done manually.


Qofind develops and sells Parvel, a smart digital baby monitor and sleep coach, providing parents the right tools to understand and find the best sleep routines for their children.


Cling is a construction management software that helps contractors streamline administration from their first customer interaction to getting paid.


Treeno creates a new digital communication channel between consumers and businesses by building an innovative service for digital receipts. Using Treeno’s service, consumers can easily get their digital receipts collected in one place as well as a unique insight into their spending habits.


Over 70 percent are not happy about how they store important docs and information. Our app YourPDi, your personal digitalization, easily gives you control of everything from a receipt, documents from the kitchen renovation, the families’ vaccinations, warranties and passwords. It’s the predefined categories that makes this app unique. This subscription app has over 13,000 downloads.


Cribble develops children’s toys, based on research in psychology and pedagogy.

Relox Robotics 

Relox Robotics develops task-specific autonomous robots to help companies become more efficient and sustainable. The products are based on a robotics platform that is adjustable to different needs and environments. Our first product is a smart, self-navigating robot that collects golf balls on golf ranges. We offer a technical solution that includes high Accelerateuracy local positioning together with intelligent software.


Winteria has developed a method for robust quality assurance of welded structures. By implementation of the method in production, the productivity can be increased with 50 percent, the production cost can be reduced, and the component weight can be further optimized.


Mindmore develops digital neurocognitive tests including a diagnostic tool primarily aimed at primary and inpatient care.


Prion is a platform for kindergartens. Via the Prion app, teachers can easily document the children’s activities using pictures, texts and videos and make connections to the goals in the curriculum. Parents can follow their own child’s learning on a daily basis.


Mendi is the world’s first brain enhancement device for home use. Mendi’s technology is successfully being used by NASA and in research to enhance the brain’s functions and capacity by over 50 percent. The company is now making it accessible for everyone to use. Mendi is for those who want to improve their mental well-being, performance and overall health.


imagiLabs is building a community and tools to teach programming to girls between ages 12 to 16. They spark their interest with the ultimate accessories that can be customized through programming from their mobile phones – this way bringing self-expression, creativity, and mobile phones to the center of the experience.


Renbloc is a comprehensive and transparent solution for tracing and verifying sources of energy. Customers can easily keep track of when, where and how their energy is produced. Bringing purchasing power to the energy market, the conscious consumer will for the first time be able to voice their energy opinion by directly and transparently choosing the origin of their energy.


Klimato is the application for restaurants looking to offer a climate-friendly concept. Through the Klimato-app, users can plan climate friendly meals, label dishes with their carbon footprint, retrieve progression reports, including areas of improvement, and become climate neutral by investing in climate-positive projects. The food industry accounts for 25 percent of global CO2 emissions, we aim to reduce this amount, one meal at the time.

Förenad Kraft is looking for the companies of the future

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